Can You Drink Tap Water in Paris?

Paris, the city of love, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world due to its rich history, culture, and beautiful attractions.

As a traveler, you must be aware of some essential things before visiting France, including its drinking water. Safe drinking water is critical for the well-being of any traveler, and while France is known for its culinary delights, water is suspicious to many visitors.

One of the most asked questions by tourists is whether tap water in Paris is safe to drink. In this post, we will explore everything you need to know about drinking tap water in Paris.

Is It Possible to Drink Tap Water in Paris?

Paris, like many cities, gets its water supply from different sources, including surface water and groundwater. The water passes through several treatments before it reaches the taps. You will be pleased to know that Paris has some of the best tap water in the world, which is of high quality and safe to drink. The water meets the quality standards set by the World Health Organization, so drinking tap water in Paris is safe.

However, some travelers may still find the taste of tap water in Paris different from what they are used to. The taste can vary depending on the location of where it comes from and the pipes used to transport it.

French water is usually full of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, and this can influence the taste compared to soft-filtered water. Despite the difference in taste, tap water in Paris is safe to drink, and you can access it in most public spaces, including hotels, restaurants, and public water fountains.

When visiting Paris, it’s always good to be prepared and pack a reusable water bottle. This will not only help you save money but also reduce the amount of plastic waste you generate. In recent years, Paris has made it easier for visitors to access tap water by installing public drinking fountains in different parts of the city, which allows you to refill your bottle for free.

If you’re still not convinced about drinking tap water in Paris, you can always opt for bottled water. However, this may not be cost-effective, considering that bottled water can be quite expensive and hard to find outside of tourist areas. Moreover, bottled water generates a lot of waste, which is not environmentally friendly.

Contrary to common perceptions, it’s essential to note that Paris tap water is safe for brushing your teeth. This is because the water treatment process kills any microorganisms that could be harmful to your health. Additionally, Parisian tap water is cheap and cost-effective, with a single glass of water cost less than half a Euro.


Tap water in Paris is safe, and you can drink it without worrying about your health. The French authorities have implemented strict quality controls to ensure that the water meets the highest standards.

If you can’t get used to the taste, you can always opt for a bottle of water or take advantage of public water fountains.

Keep in mind that bringing a reusable water bottle with you will save you money and contribute to sustainable tourism. So, go ahead, and enjoy your time in Paris, knowing that drinking tap water is a wholly safe and hygienic option.

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