How Much Does a Trip to Paris Cost?

Paris, the city of love, fashion, art, and croissants, is one of the most magnificent cities in the world. It is a dream destination for many people to visit and explore the mesmerizing Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Seine River.

However, many people wonder about the costs associated with a trip to Paris, and they may even hold back from fulfilling this dream vacation due to budget concerns.

In this post, we will guide you about the cost of traveling Paris while still keeping your budget in mind.


Paris is known for its romantic hotels, luxurious apartments, and charming hostels. The cost depends on the area you choose to stay, type of accommodation, and time of year. If you’re looking for budget accommodations, look towards hostels or Airbnb apartments.

Hostels are usually cheaper, with prices ranging from €20-€40 per night, whereas Airbnb apartments range between €50-€100 per night. However, if you prefer more privacy, hotels cost around €80-€300 per night.


Paris has one of the best public transportation systems, making it easier for travelers to move around the city. The Metro is the most convenient, and a single ticket costs €1.90.

However, if you plan to travel frequently, it is better to buy a Paris Visite Pass that costs €25 for three days and €35 for five days. Taxis and Ubers may cost more. Walking, biking, and electric scooters are also commonly used modes of transportation in the city.

Food and Drinks

Parisian cuisine is known for its elegance and sophistication, it’s no surprise that it is home to many Michelin-star restaurants, which can cost you a lot.

However, if you want to spend wisely on food, look out for street vendors, boulangeries, and local cafes where you can enjoy a tasty pastry or sandwich for around €5-€10 euros. As for drinks, coffee costs €1.50-€3, whereas a glass of wine can range between €5-€15, depending on the venue.

Tickets for Attractions

Paris is known for its museums, monuments, and landmarks, and of course, you can’t go to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and Notre-Dame Cathedral. The prices of tickets vary based on the attraction and time of year you plan to visit.

The entrance fee for The Louvre ranges between €15-€20, whereas the Eiffel Tower can cost you between €10-€30, depending on the levels you choose. However, many attractions in Paris are free, such as the Palace of Versailles, and some museums have discounts for students.

Souvenirs and Shopping

Paris is regarded as a shopping paradise, with high-end designer boutiques and stores. However, if you’re on a tight budget, it’s best to shop at local markets such as Le Marché aux Puces de Montreuil or Rue du Commerce, where you can find clothing, accessories, and souvenirs for cheaper prices.


Paris is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, and it’s essential to plan your expenses before visiting to avoid overspending.

Accommodation, transportation, food, attraction tickets, souvenirs, and shopping are the main expenses you need to account for. By taking advantage of budget-friendly options such as hostels, walking, local cafes, and free attractions, you can still enjoy the beauty and culture of Paris without breaking the bank.

So pack your bags, grab a croissant, and get ready to explore the romantic city of Paris within your budget.

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